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Detroit's DUI Lawyer Fighting For You

Scott Aaronson is a Detroit criminal attorney. Scott is recognized and awarded for his skills in defending some of the toughest criminal cases.  Scott defends against DUI charges. He focuses on the Detroit Metro region and will work beyond the metro area on request.


Scott will work on your DUI case getting all the evidence for your drunk driving case.  He has been working on these cases for years and has been in and out of most courts in the area. He’ll make sure your case is strong and do his best to defend you in a court of law.

Detroit Expungement

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Did a Criminal or Background check cost you a job or other opportunity? We can help!

DUI Lawyer Detroit

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Why settle for just any lawyer? We have the expertise to help you with our experienced lawyers.

Drink Driving Laws

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Get the facts on driving under the influence in Michigan. We know the ins and outs of the law.

Our Practice Areas Include


  • Q&A Law Questions and Answers

    • Find out some of the answers to common questions we have such as if texts can be used as evidence in court, and more.

Why Use A Detroit Law Firm?

When it comes to DUI Lawyers in the Detroit Area, there is reason you should work with our law firm. We will not only represent you, but do our best to get the full facts regarding the case. DUI law is not a simple open and shut case. There are many facts to the matter which only an experienced lawyer will be able to determine what best applies to your case.


Ways We Can Defend Your DUI Case

There are plenty of reasons why your DUI may not even be valid directly under the Michigan Constitution. In fact, did you know, a police has to have a reason to pull you over? That is just one part of the process in which a DUI can be thrown out completely in Detroit, Michigan.

Did you know that not all breath testers are properly calibrated? These tests are not 100% full proof and may not have been in your case.

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