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Indecent Exposure / Urinating In Public Attorney Michigan

Plenty of mistakes that you didn't even consider were a crime can occur. When it comes to an arrest such as this, known as the following: Disorderly Conduct, Urinating in Public, and just Indecent Exposure arrests. These are indeed crimes and as crimes carry plenty of penalties both monetary and even a possible jail sentence, a criminal record, and maybe even having to register as a sex offender!  We'll go over all the possible Michigan penalties and laws over these crimes. Public Urination in Detroit While the act itself is not necessary a crime in regards to the Michigan Penal Code, this...

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Unattended Luggage: Detroit Airport Misdemeanor

With the rules today at airports, it can be easier than ever to get charged with a crime even though you were completely innocent in intent. At the Detroit Airport more and more clients have been getting a misdemeanor for unattended luggage! Yes, in fact you need to keep your luggage with you at all times! Not doing so can lead to penalties and even a misdemeanor! Part of the law has to do with the Detroit Airport not being a dumping ground. A lot of the law pertains to the following section. Section 6.7: A Person shall not abandon personal property upon...

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Driving While Visibly Impaired Detroit

Were you charged with operating or driving while visibly impaired in Detroit? How is it that you can be charged when your alcohol tests under a .08? Keep in mind that a DUI / DWI is not the only charge you can get for driving while there is alcohol in your system. If it is apparent that your ability to drive has been impaired due to the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs you can get charge with driving while visibly impaired while in Detroit. Penalties For OWVI (Driving While Visibly Impaired) Some of the maximum penalties can be a fine of $300,...

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Detroit Michigan DUI Expungement

Looking to get your DUI expunged? It might not be as easy as you think in Detroit, Michigan. In fact Michigan is a zero tolerance state. Even in Detroit this is a zero tolerance policy for drivers. This is especially true for those who are under age 21. If you are under 21 you can not have any alcohol in your system or you are subject to getting a dui. Can You Get a DUI Expungement in Michigan? Unfortunately the answer to this question is simpler than we would like. Michigan and even Detroit do not allow your DUI to be expunged from...

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Fake ID Laws in Detroit Michigan

It is getting even easier for those under age to make a fake id. Though it is easy, it still doesn't make it legal. In Michigan false documentation can be a felony. While it seems innocent using a fake ID to get into a club, it is more than just drinking under the age. There are several offenses that can be considered owning a fake id: Making or selling false documents Altering legitimate documents Purchasing false documents Keep in mind in using someone elses identity that is considered different than creating and use false documents. That is considered identity theft and is slightly different. Possible Penalties...

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Driving With Lyft / Uber With A DUI

Many people are curious that once you get a DUI, can you you drive for the car sharing services Lyft and Uber? These are popular ways to make money and there are a few things to consider if you want to drive with them or even continue. They have strict regulations just like any "taxi" service and consider the following if you want to make money with either Lyft or Uber. It is however far easier to drive with them then go out and get a taxi license. Now if you've been arrested for a DUI and want to earn extra...

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Current Michigan Felon Firearm Laws

As anyone charged with a felony might know, it comes with a set of rules and restrictions which apply. One of the major penalties that comes with having a felony is your second amendment rights. Federal law, and the law of plenty of states concurs that felons can not have firearms, for life. However, despite how strict that sounds, there are ways around this law. Michigan allows felons under certain conditions to retain their second amendment rights. That means that there is a way in Michigan for a convicted felon to legally have a gun. Getting a gun however means that...

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Questions and Answers

We've provided a variety of questions and answers to problems we come across. We will keep updating this page as soon as we've written more answers to the number of questions we come across. Can Texts Be Used As Evidence? - Find out the answer to this asked question. Can Felons Be In Possession of a Firearm? - This is a frequently asked question with a wide variety of responses which we go over in full detail. How Do I Drive With Uber and Lyft With a DUI? - We go over the details and post some of the requirements needed to drive...

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Can Texts Be Used As Evidence in Court?

With the change of technology, new forms of evidence now exist. When it comes to civil and even criminal law cases, documents that have been written by either defendant become evidence in court. But that main question we are here to answer is, can texts also become evidence to use in the court room? What if someone admits to something via text, but in court flat out denies doing it? When it comes to electronically sent texts plenty of questions arise. Is it relevant? This is up to the judge and the circumstances. Is it admissible as evidence? Wish we had a straight...

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Owvi Penalties For Detroit Metro Michigan

When you commit an Owvi offense in Michigan, you need to make sure you have good representation. Not getting good representation can lead to harsher penalties and even jail time for your first to third offense. Make sure you understand your rights and the penalties which could occur using our list of usual penalties for your first to third offense. The Detroit area, has very strict Owvi penalties which are common throughout the metro area. We represent clients at the Law Office of Scott Aaronson using our knowledge and expertise. We'll help you along the process and make sure you get...

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