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Criminal Law

Fake ID Laws in Detroit Michigan

It is getting even easier for those under age to make a fake id. Though it is easy, it still doesn't make it legal. In Michigan false documentation can be a felony. While it seems innocent using a fake ID to get into a club, it is more than just drinking under the age. There are several offenses that can be considered owning a fake id: Making or selling false documents Altering legitimate documents Purchasing false documents Keep in mind in using someone elses identity that is considered different than creating and use false documents. That is considered identity theft and is slightly different. Possible Penalties...

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Current Michigan Felon Firearm Laws

As anyone charged with a felony might know, it comes with a set of rules and restrictions which apply. One of the major penalties that comes with having a felony is your second amendment rights. Federal law, and the law of plenty of states concurs that felons can not have firearms, for life. However, despite how strict that sounds, there are ways around this law. Michigan allows felons under certain conditions to retain their second amendment rights. That means that there is a way in Michigan for a convicted felon to legally have a gun. Getting a gun however means that...

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Questions and Answers

We've provided a variety of questions and answers to problems we come across. We will keep updating this page as soon as we've written more answers to the number of questions we come across. Can Texts Be Used As Evidence? - Find out the answer to this asked question. Can Felons Be In Possession of a Firearm? - This is a frequently asked question with a wide variety of responses which we go over in full detail. How Do I Drive With Uber and Lyft With a DUI? - We go over the details and post some of the requirements needed to drive...

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Can Texts Be Used As Evidence in Court?

With the change of technology, new forms of evidence now exist. When it comes to civil and even criminal law cases, documents that have been written by either defendant become evidence in court. But that main question we are here to answer is, can texts also become evidence to use in the court room? What if someone admits to something via text, but in court flat out denies doing it? When it comes to electronically sent texts plenty of questions arise. Is it relevant? This is up to the judge and the circumstances. Is it admissible as evidence? Wish we had a straight...

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Current Michigan CSC Laws

There are four different degrees when it comes to CSC laws in Michigan. Known as Criminal Sexual conduct, these can be often more serious than even homicide. The max sentence can even be life in prison without parole. Consequences of CSC in Michigan Some of the consequences can include: Required to register as a sex offender, wearing a lifetime GPS tether, having to get tested for HIV/STD testing, as well as plenty of other consequences. There are plenty of different consequences that can happen for violating the CSC laws in Michigan. Being Innocently Accused of CSC Even if you are innocent, you could be...

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A criminal record can make it harder for anyone. Getting convicted of a crime can make it seem harder to escape your past. However, their is a possible way to expunge a criminal record. Working with the right lawyer can help make that determination easier. A criminal defense attorney in Detroit is one of the best ways to go about getting an expungement. It is not possible to expunge a crime in every instance. But, the law office of Scott M Aaronson has been able to remove plenty of previously committed offenses. Our goal is to prevent any further penalty...

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