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Current Michigan CSC Laws

There are four different degrees when it comes to CSC laws in Michigan. Known as Criminal Sexual conduct, these can be often more serious than even homicide. The max sentence can even be life in prison without parole.

Consequences of CSC in Michigan
Some of the consequences can include: Required to register as a sex offender, wearing a lifetime GPS tether, having to get tested for HIV/STD testing, as well as plenty of other consequences. There are plenty of different consequences that can happen for violating the CSC laws in Michigan.

Being Innocently Accused of CSC
Even if you are innocent, you could be in quite a fight. Not all lawyers know how to defend against Criminal Sexual Conduct, so you should not choose just any lawyer. You need someone with experience who knows how to handle these cases.  Scott M Aaronson has the experience you need to provide a solid defense and get the real story heard.

Level of Criminal Sexual Conduct Available
Here are the various charges that will require you may be brought up on:

First Degree

  • Possible Penalty: life in prison. Life without parole. Minimum 25 years. Gps tether.
  • Lifetime on the Sex Offender list

Second Degree

  • 15 years in prison with a possibility of a lifetime gps tether.
  • 25 to a lifetime on the sex offender list.

Third Degree CSC

  • A possible penalty of 15 years
  • A lifetime possibility on the Sex Offender list

Fourth Degree CSC

  • A total of 2 years in State Prison and or even a fine.
  • Put on the sex offender list.

Jail Time and Registering on the Sex Offender List

Keep in mind that the degree of the offense can also effect the prison sentence. This could be 25 years in prison or even life in prison. But with the lesser degrees, these can still have harsh sentences. These penalties can increase when a minor was involved in the crime.

How long will you have to stay on the sex offender list for CSC offenses in Michigan? The mandatory registration is for a total of 25 years. Getting on this list can greatly effect your life so make sure to give us a call at 1844 I CAN WIN to make sure you get proper representation.

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