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Driving With Lyft / Uber With A DUI

Many people are curious that once you get a DUI, can you you drive for the car sharing services Lyft and Uber? These are popular ways to make money and there are a few things to consider if you want to drive with them or even continue. They have strict regulations just like any “taxi” service and consider the following if you want to make money with either Lyft or Uber. It is however far easier to drive with them then go out and get a taxi license.

Now if you’ve been arrested for a DUI and want to earn extra taxi money, the answer depends on the following: Was your arrest turned into a conviction? When did your conviction occur?

Current Process for Lyft and Uber

You can’t simply just join up and become a driver. In fact you will have to pass their process. You can read the full Lyft requirements on this page. However to summarize what they are looking for. You have to go through a background check and a review of your motor vehicle record. They will also do checks such as if you are a sex offender.lyft dui

What Will Prevent You From Driving With A Ride Share Service?

When will a DUI prevent you from driving with Lyft or Uber? If your DUI conviction happened within the last seven years, you will not be able to drive for Lyft.

Other things that can prevent you from getting approved? This includes plenty of other offenses. This includes hit and run, reckless driving, driving without insurance, among other offenses. They also require that you have valid plates, a car from a certain year, and a four door car. A safety inspection is also required.

Why all these checks? This just ensures that they have safe and valid drivers working for their service. Would you want a reckless driver at the helm of the wheel? They need to ensure their customers have safe drivers just like any other taxi service. Putting in these restrictions helps ensure a better quality of service.

DUI Charge?

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