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Driving While Visibly Impaired Detroit

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Driving While Visibly Impaired Detroit

Were you charged with operating or driving while visibly impaired in Detroit? How is it that you can be charged when your alcohol tests under a .08? Keep in mind that a DUI / DWI is not the only charge you can get for driving while there is alcohol in your system. If it is apparent that your ability to drive has been impaired due to the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs you can get charge with driving while visibly impaired while in Detroit.

Penalties For OWVI (Driving While Visibly Impaired)

Some of the maximum penalties can be a fine of $300, a 90 day restriction of your driver’s license, 93 days of jail, 360 hours of community service, a $500 Driver Responsibility Fee for two years, vehicle immobilization and four points on your driving record.

Violating this a second time within 7 years? The minimum can increase to a maximum sentence including fine of $1,000, a year in jail, 90 days of community service, 180 days vehicle immobilization, license plate confiscation, vehicle forfeiture, revocation of your license for a year and a $500 Driver Responsibility Fee for two years.

What Is The Burden Of Proof

They will have to establish that you indeed had alcohol in your system. They have to prove that you were visibly impaired to the point that it made it unsafe for you to drive a vehicle. Generally there was no chemical test to prove that you were impaired. It could be that the only evidence comes from the officers words.

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  • Tina
    Reply March 22, 2018 at 12:06 am

    Thanks for posting this. I didn’t realize that someone could get in trouble just for being visibly impaired but not actually drunk! I’ll know not to drive unless I’m in perfect driving condition in Detroit!

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