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Fake ID Laws in Detroit Michigan

It is getting even easier for those under age to make a fake id. Though it is easy, it still doesn’t make it legal. In Michigan false documentation can be a felony. While it seems innocent using a fake ID to get into a club, it is more than just drinking under the age.

There are several offenses that can be considered owning a fake id:

Making or selling false documents
Altering legitimate documents
Purchasing false documents

Keep in mind in using someone elses identity that is considered different than creating and use false documents. That is considered identity theft and is slightly different.

Possible Penalties for Using a Fake ID

Michigan has its own distinct penalties for using a fake id. You could have some of the following harsh penalties should you decide and get caught using one.

This includes:

Felony – Using a fake ID to commit a felony. This could mean 10 years in prison with up to a $20,000 fine.

Misdemeanor – The intent to commit a misdemeanor is somewhat less. This is usually punishable by less than six months to up to a year in jail. This could carry a $2000 fine as well.

You don’t even have to make an ID to get in trouble. You could simply steal an ID. This could lead to an entire year in jail! Buying alcohol with a fake ID can lead to up to three months in jail as well as fines and getting charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

How To Fight Fake ID Charges

Give us a call at 1844 I Can Win to find out your best options. We’ll help you figure out the best game plan and make sure you get the representation needed to get the best possible outcome.

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