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First Time DUI Offender Royal Oak Michigan

Are you a first time offender? Michigan does have strict laws about drinking while driving. Getting a DUI doesn’t have to mean the end of your career, school career, or other opportunities. We will minimize the impact on your life and find a solution.

Some of the most frequently asked questions that our DUI lawyers get are some of the following:

Will I Go To Jail?

The likely hood of this is actually slim if this is your first offense. What is likely to happen is probation, some sort of alcohol program, or as well a fine and possible sanction against your license. This can require a lot of time and energy on your part. Working with a probation officer is not easy. Keeping them satisfied with your commitment to meeting their expectations can be exhausting.

When Would I Go To Jail?
dui first offender
Beware however that some areas do send their first offenders for drinking while driving (dui) to jail. From what we hear, Bloomfield Hills, gives every first offender a short jail sentence.

Second time offenders are much more likely to end up in jail, especially without a proper dui lawyer. Whether you are in Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, or even Birmingham, a lawyer can give you the proper defense to minimize the damage that a repeat dui offense will have. While a second offense could be a felony, your third offense is a felony.

Third time offenders most likely will go to jail unless you get someone to defend you right away. I would not recommend anyone going without an attorney on their third offense. Let the lawyer get the full situation of what happened. A professional can convey this is a manner the judge will understand.

What Are Potential Penalties?

The Michigan Drunk Driving Laws state that you spend a minimum of five days in jail or / and you spend 30 to 90 days doing community service.

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