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A criminal record can make it harder for anyone. Getting convicted of a crime can make it seem harder to escape your past. However, their is a possible way to expunge a criminal record. Working with the right lawyer can help make that determination easier. A criminal defense attorney in Detroit is one of the best ways to go about getting an expungement. It is not possible to expunge a crime in every instance. But, the law office of Scott M Aaronson has been able to remove plenty of previously committed offenses. Our goal is to prevent any further penalty...

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Dui Lawyer Detroit

It is fairly common to be fearful of a police report if you have been charged of DUI. However, it is important to understand that the details of a police DUI report are not definitive of whether or not you may be convicted for DUI. A knowledgeable DUI attorney with numerous years of experience will know how to properly defend you regardless of what a police report says. In fact, courts have questioned the credibility presented on several police reports. It has also been shown that police officers often lack the knowledge and training in administering breathalyzer and other sobriety...

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