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Questions and Answers

We’ve provided a variety of questions and answers to problems we come across. We will keep updating this page as soon as we’ve written more answers to the number of questions we come across.

Can Texts Be Used As Evidence? – Find out the answer to this asked question.

Can Felons Be In Possession of a Firearm? – This is a frequently asked question with a wide variety of responses which we go over in full detail.

How Do I Drive With Uber and Lyft With a DUI? – We go over the details and post some of the requirements needed to drive with the popular ride share services.

Using A Fake ID – What are the consequences for using a fake id?

Can A DUI BE Expunged in Detroit Michigan?

Drive While Visibly Impaired – Find out all about getting charged with a DWVI

Indecent Exposure / Public Urination – Caught Urinating in Public or other indecent Exposure activity? Find out how we can help.

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